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 написано: 8 января 2010 г. 16:30:49  ответитьцитатаправкаинфо#841 

Loopmasters - Dino Psaras: Global Trance and New Psy Styles

Dino Psaras has come a long way since he first DJ’d at the age of 15 at an Acid House Party, and it wasn’t long before he was playing with the likes of Carl Cox, Sasha and Digweed around the South coast of England. After spending the early nineties DJ’ing alongside luminaries such as Mr C, Todd Terry, Tony Humphries, Paul Oakenfold and Mark Moore, Dino travelled to India where he discovered Psychedelic Trance – a catalyst for change in his musical direction.

From this point onwards Dino has become one of the worlds premier Trance DJs and his Musical CV includes only the biggest DJs, Labels, Parties and Festivals in the Global Trance scene. He continues to tour globally and release records under his own name, with the Krome Angels, Cydonia and under various other pseudonyms.

Dino’s Global Trance and Psy Styles Sample Pack in conjunction with Loopmasters brings all of his knowledge and production experience to the table, and goes further to bring all Trance influenced producers worldwide a truly unique and unprecedented collection of the finest sounds and samples from Dino’s collection.

In this brand new and exclusive collection of royalty free Trance samples you will find everything presented in immaculate 24bit clarity and processed using a huge arsenal of the finest vintage equipment. 40 High Fidelity and Cone Melting Bass loops, more than 130 Heavyweight Drumloops including Full, Top and no Kick for added flexibility, 80+ Lead Lines, 16 ‘Neural Gate’ Loops, 16 Atmospheric Chord Stabs, 68 FX samples, Vocal FX and more than 165 Drum and Percussion Single Sounds, all processed individually by Dino for maximum impact!

Total filesize is over 700MB and the pack includes 525 Wav Files, and 250 Loops – alongside 31 Patches ready to play in Reason NNXT, Halion Kontakt, EXS24, SFZ. The patches include 16 Chord Patches, 6 FX patches, 5 Drum Kits. Reason Refill and Apple Loops version available.

If you are looking to produce fresh Global, Minimal or PSy Trance, Techno or other styles – then check out this amazing product from Loopmasters/Dino Psaras today!
Размер: 728.61 Mb

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(uploadbox.com) part1
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2 архива (depositfiles.com)
(depositfiles.com) part1
(depositfiles.com) part2

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 написано: 9 января 2010 г. 01:24:46  ответитьцитатаправкаинфо#842 

Truebass Soundfonts Collection 2010 DVD Sf2

Отличный сборник саунда от немалоизвестного коллекционера и музыканта Truebass!
Размер файла: 1.45 Gb

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 написано: 9 января 2010 г. 03:34:47  ответитьцитатаправкаинфо#843 

Loopmasters - Breeze And Styles Extreme Hardcore

Loopmasters are very proud to bring Hard Dance producers around the world our very first Extreme Hardcore sample release in association with the talented production duo and DJ team – Breeze and Styles!
Since Breeze found himself joining up with long term friend, Darren Styles, Breeze and Styles have produced countless Hardcore and commercial hit tracks for over 8 years becoming one of dance music’s biggest brands. The triple award winners at the hardcore Heaven Awards have also remixed for names such as Cascada, Scooter, Ultrabeat, Flip & Fill amongst others.

Since being involved in UK Hardcore's biggest ever selling compilation, Clubland Xtreme Hardcore which has sold over half a million copies, Breeze and Styles have seen the hardcore scene grow into what is now, one of the biggest and most popular dance music genres in the country today.
If you are looking for a collection of hardcore dance samples which take you on a journey from the pure Hardcore scene and then touch on the break beat and trance influences of the current Hardcore elite’s sound – then this exclusive collection of royalty free hardcore sounds and samples will be exactly what you need for your upcoming musical productions.
Weighing in at an almighty 1.5GB and presented in pristine 24Bit quality, Extreme Hardcore from Breeze and Styles includes over 850 samples, 500 Loops, 350 Single Sounds and 17 Ready to play patches for all the most popular software samplers.
Expect more than 95 Bass Loops, heavy as hell and tuned to intimidate the speakers, 32 Aggressive Breakbeats, 11 Drum Fills and Builds, 71 Split Drum Construction Loops, 63 Drumloops at 140Bpm, 81 Banging 170 Bpm Drumloops, 35 Assorted Atmospheric Music Loops, 29 Original Royalty FreeVocal Loops, 146 Single Drum Samples, 27 Female Vocal One Shot Samples, 90 Synth Multis, and 55 Super FX Samples.
On top of this you also get 17 Full construction kits which include 30 drumloops, 44 music loops, 26 Bass Loops, pads and FX, inc 22 Full Mix demos!
Размер: 1.54 Gb

3 архива (letitbit.net)
(letitbit.net) part1
(letitbit.net) part2
(letitbit.net) part3

3 архива (uploadbox.com)
(uploadbox.com) part1
(uploadbox.com) part2
(uploadbox.com) part3

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 написано: 10 января 2010 г. 16:53:23  ответитьцитатаправкаинфо#844 

Prime Loops Tribal Progressions WAV REX2

Tribal Progressions takes you on a journey, cutting through Progressive, dicing with Techno, and flirting with Minimal; creating a unique blend of current sounds, for resourceful producers of the future.
With over 150 Combined Loops with a deep, progressive, pounding feel, Tribal Progressions is also perfectly suited to Progressive, Minimal, Electro House, Techno and Trance styles.

Inside, you will find a distinguished array of pulsating bass loops, intelligent drum loops, sparkling synth + chord loops, and ambient fx ready for the dancefloor.
Tribal Progressions is a compact production assistant, and comes fully equipped in crystal clear 24-bit audio. As you’ve come to expect with Prime Loops releases; this sample pack is available in all the most popular formats for today’s music production platforms: Wav, Acid Loops, Rex2 Loops, Apple Loops, FL Studio, Reason Refill, Ableton Live Pack, and many more.
If you want get a feel for this sample pack, have a listen to the audio demo; showcasing some of the content from this sample pack. This is only a small taster of the content to be found inside. The loops themselves have an ambient, minimal, very progressive feel, and are specifically designed to deliver the base inspiration to start a track, whenever you want.
Essentially, this up-to-the-moment download sample pack will provide you with a concise cluster of exclusive and royalty free bass, beats and synths to inject into your dance productions.
Размер файла:: 227.78 Mb

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 написано: 11 января 2010 г. 21:57:31  ответитьцитатаправкаинфо#845 

Sound Effects Vol. 1 - Machines and Movement

Track Listings:

1. Automotive: Various Car Doors
2. Automotive: Car Starts/Revs
3. Automotive: Car Leaves/Arrives
4. Automotive: Car Horn-American
5. Automotive: Car Horn-Japanese
6. Automotive: Car Horn-Antique
7. Automotive: Sudden Stop
8. Automotive: Tire Screeching
9. Automotive: Car Crash
10. Automotive: Multiple Car Crash
11. Automotive: Windshield Wipers
12. Automotive: Tuning a Radio
13. Automotive: City Traffic
14. Automotive: Freeway Traffic
15. Automotive: Race Cars
16. Automotive: Race Car Pit Area
17. Automotive: Ambulance Arrives
18. Automotive: Fire Engine
19. Automotive: Big Rig
20. Automotive: Bus Stop
21. Automotive: Garbage Truck
22. Automotive: Start
23. Automotive: Motorcycle Leaving
24. Automotive: Horse and Carriage
25. Construction: Bulldozer
26. Construction: Power Saw
27. Construction: Pile Driver
28. Construction: Front End Loader
29. Construction: Construction Site Ambience Aviation
30. Aviation: Cessna Ignition
31. Aviation: Cessna Taxing
32. Aviation: Helicopter Start Up
33. Aviation: Helicopter Fly By
34. Aviation: Hot Air Balloon
35. Aviation: Cockpit Ambience and Take Off
36. Aviation: Jet Fly By
37. Aviation: Wwll Bomber
38. Aviation: Jet Bomber
39. Aviation: Jet Landing
40. Sounds of War: Western Gunfight
41. Sounds of War: Wwll Battle
42. Sounds of War: Gorilla Warfare
43. Sounds of War: Sherman Tank
44. Sounds of War: Tank Turret
45. Sounds of War: Tank Fire
46. Sounds of War: Bomb
47. Sounds of War: Bobb 2
48. Sounds of War: Rocket/Bomb
49. Sounds of War: Cannon
50. Sounds of War: Pistol
51. Sounds of War: Shot Gun
52. Sounds of War: Police Radio
53. Marine: Idling Boat
54. Marine: Speed Boat
55. Marine: Ship's Anchor Up
56. Marine: Submarine Ambience
57. Marine: Submarine Sonar
58. Trains: Train Approaching
59. Trains: Railroad Crossing
60. Trains: Diesel Train Horn
61. Trains: Steam Train Horn
62. Trains: Steam Engine
63. Trains: Street Car
64. Trains: Monorail Arrives
65. Trains: Monorail Leaves
66. Trains: Subway
67. Trains: Subway Passenger
68. Trains: Roller Coaster
69. Household: Lawn Mower
70. Household: Electric Weed Whacker
71. Household: Yard Blower
72. Household: Back Door
73. Household: Front Door
74. Household: Big Door
75. Household: Creaking Door
76. Household: Washing Machine
77. Household: Dryer
78. Household: Old Refrigerator
79. Household: Kitchen Sink
80. Household: Toilet Flush
81. Household: Grandfather Clock
82. Household: Old Telephone
83. Household: Old Rotary Phone
84. Household: Touchtone Dialing
85. Household: Telephone Receiver
86. Household: Cell Phone
87. Household: Old Typewriter
88. Household: Electric Typewriter
89. Household: Computer Keyboard
90. Household: Copying Machine
91. Household: Stapler
92. Sports and Games: Pirate Swords
93. Sports and Games: Basketball Dribble
94. Sports and Games: Basketball Free Throw
95. Sports and Games: Baseball Hit and Run
96. Sports and Games: Skeet Ball
97. Sports and Games: Burp Gun
98. Sports and Games: Slot Machine Loser
99. Sports and Games: Slot Machine Winner

Размер файла:: 46.08 Mb
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 написано: 11 января 2010 г. 22:05:06  ответитьцитатаправкаинфо#846 

Sound Effects Vol. 2 - Nature and Animals

Track Listings:

1. Puppy Playing
2. Puppy Barking
3. Puppy in a Box
4. Puppy Whining Outside
5. Small Dog Barking
6. Medium Dog Barking
7. Big Dog Barking
8. Dog on Patrol/Indoors
9. Dog on Patrol/Outdoors
10. Dog Barking/In the Distance
11. Dog Barking/Outside (Close By)
12. Dog Growling
13. Dog Running/Indoors (Tile Floor)
14. Dog Running/Outdoors, Tags Jingling
15. Kennel Sounds
16. Kennel Wet
17. Wild Dogs About Cats
18. Cat Playing With Milk
19. Classic Meow
20. More Meowing
21. Purring
22. 2 Hissing Cats
23. Horse Eating
24. Gallop on Soft Ground
25. Horse Trot on Cobblestones
26. Horse Pulling a Wagon
27. Horse Pulling a Sleigh
28. Horse & Buggy on Cobblestones
29. Horse & Buggy on Awooden Bridge
30. Horse Convoy in the Woods
31. Horse Walking in a Barn
32. Horse Walking in Snow
33. Horse Whining
34. Horse in Stall/Sound of a Leather Saddle
35. Cows Mooing in a Barn
36. Cows Mooing Outside
37. R Cattle Drive
38. Another Cattle Drive
39. Chickens
40. Early Morning Rooster Crowing
41. R Rooster Crowing
42. Several Roosters Crowing
43. Donkey
44. Goats Bleating
45. Pig Grunts & Squeals
46. Budgies
47. Barnyard Animals
48. Turkey Gobbling
49. Geese Cackling
50. Geese & Ducks Cackling
51. Owl Hooting
52. Seagulls
53. Blackbirds & Sparrows
54. Hawk Screeching
55. Chipmunk Call
56. Rattlesnake
57. Mountain Lion Snarl
58. Mountain Lion Growl
59. Cougar Snarling
60. Wolf Howling
61. Wolves Howling
62. Frogs
63. Frog
64. Cricket
65. Crickets Chirping
66. Grasshoppers in Wind
67. Insects in R Swamp
68. Wasp
69. Mosquito
70. Bee Swarm
71. Lion Snarling
72. Lion Roar
73. Elephants Trumpeting
74. Tiger Cub
75. Tiger Snarl
76. Gibbon Monkey
77. Gorilla
78. Sea Lions
79. Zoo Sounds
80. Fire in the Woods
81. Wind Thru the Trees/Thunder
82. Rain in the Woods
83. Jungle Rain
84. Heavy Rain
85. Rain With Wind
86. Rain and Thunder
87. Mud Slide
88. Blizzard
89. Waterfall
90. Birds Along a Wire
91. Forrest
92. Side of a Mountain
93. Swamp Critters
94. Suburbs
95. Summer Dry in the South
96. New England Day
97. Lake Shore
98. Ocean Waves With Seagulls
99. Heavy Surf

Размер файла:: 54.78 Mb
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 написано: 11 января 2010 г. 22:06:25  ответитьцитатаправкаинфо#847 

Sound Effects Vol. 3 - People and Sounds

Track Listings:

1. Yawning
2. Brushing Teeth
3. Gurgling
4. Clearing of the Throat
5. Choking
6. Out of Breath
7. Coughing
8. Yahoo!
9. Screaming
10. Laughing
11. Whistling
12. Orgasm
13. Snoring
14. More Snoring
15. More Snoring
16. Gargling
17. Clearing Throat
18. Choking
19. Giggling
20. Squeaky Laugh
21. Laughing
22. Hysterical Laughing
23. Sexy Laugh
24. Sighing
25. Kiss and Moan
26. Orgasm
27. Snoring
28. Screaming
29. Giggling
30. 2 Women Giggling
31. Laughing
32. Sighing
33. Baby Crying
34. Another Baby Crying
35. Another Baby Crying
36. Babies Crying
37. Child Laughing
38. Children Laughing
39. Group Laughter
40. More Group Laughter
41. Audience Together
42. Small Crowd Applause
43. Audience Sighs
44. Booing and Hissing
45. Crowd Booing and Rawing
46. Walking on a Wooden Floor
47. Knocking on a Big Door
48. Running Up/Down Stairs
49. Walking on Gravel
50. Jogging on Gravel
51. Walking on Leaves
52. Boxing
53. Punching and Tearing
54. Inflating a Balloon
55. Raquetball Court
56. Men Marching
57. Belching (Subtle)
58. Short Burp
59. Beer Belch
60. Short Fart
61. Another Short Fart
62. Assorted Long Farts
63. Sneeze
64. Blowing Nose
65. Little Hocker
66. Big Hocker
67. Various Vomits
68. Big Vomit
69. Male Peeing
70. Female Peeing
71. Diarrhea
72. Slurping
73. Body Being Dumped in a River
74. Suicide Splat
75. Crowd
76. Party Crowd
77. Drunken Crowd in a Bar
78. Hospital
79. Laboratory
80. Church Ambience-Prayer
81. Church Ambience-Singing
82. Outdoor Praying
83. Auction
84. Carnival Midway
85. Video Arcade
86. Casino
87. Concert Seating
88. Concert Seating-Rock
89. Post Office
90. Small Diner
91. Large Diner
92. French Cafe
93. School Cafeteria
94. Wedding Reception-Early
95. Wedding Reception-End
96. "Get Your Programs"
97. Baseball
98. Baseball-Home Run
99. College Basketball Game

Размер файла:: 52.26 Mb
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 написано: 11 января 2010 г. 22:07:45  ответитьцитатаправкаинфо#848 

Sound Effects Vol. 4 - Sound Effects

Track Listings:

1. Merry-Go-Round
2. Yankee Doodle Dandy from a Merry-Go-Round
3. Mall Ambience/Christmas Carolers
4. African Drums
5. Chinese New Year
6. Piccolo Scale
7. Trumpet - Charge!
8. Trumpet - Reveille
9. Trumpet - Taps
10. Trumpet - Assembly
11. Castanets
12. Music Box
13. Dangerous/Eerie
14. Far Eastern Music
15. Circus Sounds
16. Orchestra Tune Up
17. Jukebox
18. Nothing on T.V.
19. Static
20. Sonar Ping
21. Radar/Electronic
22. Battle Alarm
23. Fire Alarm Bell
24. Heart Beating
25. Ekg/Beating
26. Ekg/Flatline
27. Crashes and Bangs
28. Descending Warbly
29. Ascending Warbly
30. Ascending Droplet
31. 50's Movie Flying Saucer
32. Springs
33. More Springs
34. Jew's Harp
35. Twangs
36. Bonk
37. Metallic Punch
38. Bowhammy
39. Bubbly-Wubbly
40. Woosh-Woosh
41. Bow and Arrow
42. Table-Tennis/Ping Pong
43. Bowling
44. Gone Fishin'
45. Wooden Bat Hitting Baseball
46. Chalking R Pool Cue Sticks
47. 8 Ball Break
48. 9 Ball Break
49. Corner Pocket
50. Referee's Whistle
51. Fireworks
52. Bed Squeaking
53. Crumbling Paper
54. Tape Being Stretched
55. Writing with a Pencil
56. Opening R Beer Can
57. Carbonation Fizz
58. Ice Cubes
59. Coffee Percolator
60. Tea Pot
61. Water Cooler
62. Lighting a Match
63. Jingling Coins
64. Chair Scraping Floor
65. Steam
66. Scrambling Eggs
67. Electric Car Window
68. A/C Switching On
69. Car Wash
70. Opening a Compartment
71. Electric Shaver
72. Hammering Nails
73. 16MM Movie Camera
74. Water Spalsh
75. Down the Drain
76. Counter Bell
77. Little Bell
78. Shop Bell
79. Grandfather Clock
80. Alarm Clock
81. Setting Alarm Clock
82. Wind Chimes
83. Party Horn
84. Slide Whistle Up
85. Slide Whistle Down
86. Pop Gun
87. Boat Fog Horn
88. Ice Cracking
89. Whip
90. Bullwhip
91. Glass Breaking
92. Window Breaking
93. Hedge Clippers
94. Camp Fire
95. Girl in a Shower
96. Spooky Wind
97. Chains Dragging
98. Chains Rattling
99. Monster

Размер файла:: 37.55 Mb
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Sound Effects Vol. 5 - Sounds of Passion

Track Listings:

1. Sexual Sound FX: Male Masturbation (Slow)
2. Sexual Sound FX: Male Masturbation (Fast)
3. Sexual Sound FX: Ejaculation
4. Sexual Sound FX: Comical Ejaculation
5. Sexual Sound FX: Doggy Style
6. Sexual Sound FX: Fellatio
7. Sexual Sound FX: Cunnilingus
8. Sexual Sound FX: Spanking
9. Men: Heavy Breathing
10. Men: "Oh Yeah!"
11. Men: "Oh Yeah" 2
12. Men: "Oh God...Ohhh"
13. Men: "Oh, a Little to the Left"
14. Men: "Oh Baby"
15. Men: French Man Climaxing
16. Men: German Man Climaxing
17. Men: Latino Man Climaxing
18. Men: British Man Climaxing
19. Men: Old Jewish Man Climaxing
20. Men: Chinese Man Climaxing
21. Men: Indian Man Climaxing
22. Men: African American Man Climaxing
23. Men: Redneck Climaxing
24. Men: Surfer Dewd Climaxing
25. Men: Canadian Man Climaxing
26. Men: Homosexual Climaxing
27. Men: New Yorker Climaxing
28. Women: "MMMMMM..."
29. Women: "Ahhh..."
30. Women: "Ahhh..." 2
31. Women: Tender Kiss
32. Women: "Oh Baby" With Kiss
33. Women: "Yeah"
34. Women: "Ohh Yes"
35. Women: Moaning & Breathing During Sex
36. Women: Climax
37. Command of Sex (Men): "Faster"
38. Command of Sex (Men): "Harder"
39. Command of Sex (Men): "Slower"
40. Command of Sex (Men): "Lower"
41. Command of Sex (Men): "Sideways"
42. Command of Sex (Men): "Bend Over"
43. Command of Sex (Men): "Lay Down"
44. Command of Sex (Men): "Turn Over"
45. Command of Sex (Men): Deep Voice - Deeper
46. Command of Sex (Men): Deep Voice - Faster
47. Command of Sex (Men): Deep Voice - Harder
48. Command of Sex (Men): Deep Voice - Slower
49. Command of Sex (Men): Deep Voice - Lower
50. Command of Sex (Men): Deep Voice - Sideways
51. Command of Sex (Men): Deep Voice - Bend Over
52. Command of Sex (Men): Deep Voice - Lay Down
53. Command of Sex (Men): Deep Voice - Turn Over
54. Command of Sex (Men): French Man - "Deeper"
55. Command of Sex (Men): French Man - "Faster"
56. Command of Sex (Men): French Man - "Harder"
57. Command of Sex (Men): French Man - "Slower"
58. Command of Sex (Men): French Man - "Lower"
59. Command of Sex (Men): French Man - "Sideways"
60. Command of Sex (Men): French Man - "Bend Over"
61. Command of Sex (Men): French Man - "Lay Down"
62. Command of Sex (Men): French Man - "Turn Over"
63. Commands of Sex (Women): "Deeper"
64. Commands of Sex (Women): "Faster"
65. Commands of Sex (Women): "Harder"
66. Commands of Sex (Women): "Slower"
67. Commands of Sex (Women): "Sideways"
68. Bedroom Talk (Str8 Men): "You Like That?"
69. Bedroom Talk (Str8 Men): "Lick It"
70. Bedroom Talk (Str8 Men): "Suck It"
71. Bedroom Talk (Str8 Men): "Kiss It"
72. Bedroom Talk (Str8 Men): "Touch It"
73. Bedroom Talk (Str8 Men): "Eat It"
74. Bedroom Talk (Str8 Men): "Beat It"
75. Bedroom Talk (Str8 Men): "Be Nice to It"
76. Bedroom Talk (Gay Men): "You Like That"
77. Bedroom Talk (Gay Men): "Lick It"
78. Bedroom Talk (Gay Men): "Suck It"
79. Bedroom Talk (Gay Men): "Kiss It"
80. Bedroom Talk (Gay Men): "Touch It"
81. Bedroom Talk (Gay Men): "Eat It"
82. Bedroom Talk (Gay Men): "Beat It"
83. Bedroom Talk (Gay Men): "Be Nice to It"
84. Bedroom Talk (Gay Men): "Just Be Gentle"
85. Bedroom Talk (Women): "You Like That"
86. Bedroom Talk (Women): "Harder"
87. Bedroom Talk (Women): "Lick It More"
88. Bedroom Talk (Women): "Kiss Me Baby"
89. Action: Female Big Moan
90. Action: Female "Oh God..."
91. Action: Lesbians
92. Action: Lesbians in a Jacuzzi
93. Action: S&M Spanking
94. Action: Rough Sex (M/F)
95. Action: Grunting Female
96. Action: Spitting
97. Action: More Lesbians
98. Action: Female "Oh, It's So Big"
99. Action: Smoking

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D.A.V.E. The Drummer has dug deep into his massive personal sound vault to share his inspiring custom loops and anologe sounds form his vast collection of synths he has collected over the past 15 years.
Now you have the chance to explore D.A.V.E. The Drummer's personal sound collection first hand.

In brief, this pack contains over 1100 loops, 696 drum hits and a fantastic selection of 353 Fx sounds, a vast collection of synths, vocals, & one shots as well as Kontakt and abelton files for additional flexibility.
With over 1.6 gigs of total Techno we feel this will soon become your go to sound collection to explore the possibilities of Techno music.

Tech Specs:

* 1.69 gigs in total
* Bass shots: 69 samples
* Drum hits: 696
* FX sounds: 353
* Loops: 1277
* Synths: 299
* Bizarre Technoid Vocals : 53
* Abelton Live bonus Instruments: 2
* Total: 2747 Samples
* 44.100 Hz; 16 Bit; Stereo WAV/REX

3 архива (letitbit.net)
(letitbit.net) part1
(letitbit.net) part2
(letitbit.net) part3

3 архива (uploadbox.com)
(uploadbox.com) part1
(uploadbox.com) part2
(uploadbox.com) part3

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Puremagnetik String Machines MULTiFORMAT

String Machines for Sampler, Kontakt & EXS 4 analog legends recaptured: Puremagnetik has gone back to the golden age of string synthesis and recaptured the sounds of 4 legendary instruments. String Machines contains over 250MB of lush sounds recorded directly from the classic stringers of the 1970’s. But doesn’t stop with strings! These analog legends had amazing organs, full choirs, pianos and clavichords – all of which are reproduced in this latest release!. String Machines includes programs from: The Roland VP-330, Roland RS-09, ARP Solina String Ensemble and Crumar Orchestrator. Formats included: ALP, KONTAKT, EXS.
Размер файла:: 751.4 Mb

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Скачать одним файлом (depositfiles.com)

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Groove Monkee MIDI Bundles PC and Mac

Коллекция MIDI...

1. Groove Monkee 350 MIDI Loops - Free!

Mac - 300 Samples (AD, BFD, BFD2, EZd, GM, DFHS, Reason)
PC - 300 Samples (AD, BFD, BFD2, EZd, GM, DFHS, Reason)
Session Drummer 2 Grooves

2. Groove Monkee Electronic Multiformat MIDI Groove Maps-NoGRP

Groove Monkee Electronic for BFD GURU GM EZDrummer
Groove Monkee Electronic for Groove Agent
Groove Monkee Electronic for Reason Refill GM NN-XT

3. Groove Monkee Professional MIDI Beats Bundle for EZD BFD - NoGRP

Groove_Monkee_Coun try

4. Learning to Use MIDI

Размер файла:: 55.17 Mb

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Icone Music Trance Percussion

Удивительные Образцы Транса!
Одни из лучших образцов Транса - которые должен иметь каждый!
Размер файла:: 63.15 Mb

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Turkish Vocals & Strings loops

В этой коллекции более 100 сэмплов в формате wav!
Петли вокала и последовательности турецких инструментов !!!
Размер файла:: 36.77 Mb

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Ethnic Greek beats loops WAV

В этой коллекции собраны различные звуки греческих ударных инструментов!
Замечательная коллекция, которая даст вибрацию и необыкновенный цвет Вашей музыке.
Размер файла:: 99.14 Mb

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GForce On The Rhodes (WAV/AIF/SF2/MIDI)

Родосское Электрическое Фортепьяно !!!

The term legendary is particularly over-used when referring to vintage musical equipment. However, no one would deny that the Fender Rhodes Electric Piano deserves not only legendary status but also that of being one of the most coveted and influential keyboard instruments of the last 35 years.

The inventor, Harold Rhodes, first began making musical instruments in the 1940s, initially developing a type of electric xylophone which was, oddly enough, constructed from bits of aluminium tubing salvaged from B17 bombers. In the early 1960s and in conjunction with Leo Fender, Harold Rhodes developed the Fender Rhodes Piano Bass, which was based around a small 32 note keyboard which utilised the principal of striking aluminium tubes or tines to create the distinctive sound. A short while later, in 1965, the first full size Fender Rhodes was born - the Suitcase 88.

Although over the years various model names have come and gone, one thing has remained constant throughout all of the Rhodes guises, its unmistakable sound. Used by artists from Chick Corea to Portishead and Steely Dan to Stevie Wonder, the Fender Rhodes has truly helped shape the last 30 years of modern music.

The Players

Arden Hart is a genuinely gifted musician. Unbelievable is the phrase often used to describe his ability. There are some players who are born with perfect pitch, never drop a note and have an ability that the rest of us can but listen and attempt to learn from, Arden sits at the top of this category.

Arden's favourite instrument is his Rhodes Stage 73, which features on this CD, and his credits, to name but a few, include Carleen Anderson, Brand New Heavies, Chaka Khan, Pasedenas and James Mason.

Dave Spiers programming and recording contributions to this CD have been crucial. Although more programmer than true musician, Dave still keeps his hand in when it comes to Rhodes riffs and licks. However, given both the virtuosity and enormous input from Arden, he'd be the first to admit his own musical contributions to this CD were minimal

A 'world first' in terms of sample CDs. This disc offers you the choice of THREE individual formats:

- Over 300 MIDI loops
- Over 300 WAV and AIFF audio loops
- Multi-sampled SoundFont Rhodes (one normal and one with tremolo)
- Размер файла:: 309.61 Mb

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Discovery Sound - ALMA FLAMENCO

Сердце и душа испанского Фламенко!

This best-selling 2-CD library offers over 1,000 phrases and sounds in audio, Rex2, and Acid (Wav) format. This library includes characteristic percussion, such as bongo and castanets, plus the elegant and powerful Spanish guitar. Give your music “south of the border” flavor with this remarkable, authentic collection.

Sound Files

ACID [600 files]
Bongo: Loops [28 files] / One shots [61 files]
Cajon: Loops [21 files] / One shots [19 files]
Castanuela: Loops [13 files] / One shots [22 files]
Guitarras: Loops [121 files] / One shots [80 files]
Palmas: Loops [28 files] / One shots [24 files]
Snaps: Loops [7 files] / One shots [21 files]
Taconeo: Loops [16 files] / One shots [15 files]
Voces- Female: Loops [27 files]
Voces- Male: Loops [76 files] / One shots [10 files]
Voces- Group: Loops [5 files] / One shots [6 files]

REX2 [342 files]
Bongo: Loops [28 files]
Cajon: Loops [21 files]
Castanuela: Loops [13 files]
Guitarras: Loops [121 files]
Palmas: Loops [28 files]
Snaps: Loops [7 files]
Taconeo: Loops [16 files]
Voces- Female: Loops [27 files]
Voces- Male: Loops [76 files]
Voces- Group: Loops [5 files]

Размер файла:: 437.66 Mb

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DanceMidiSamples - acapellas vol 3 WAV

Over 165 mb of classical acapella vocal samples to add ethereal dimension to your tracks. Valve recorded and stereo processed these essential vocals are ready to drop straight into your latest production.
Samples are 44.1khz 24 bit stereo wav, 100 & 140 BPM, keys listed.
Размер файла:: 165.07 Mb

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GNX Music Step Ya Game Up Vol. 2

Вторая часть сборника ударных, самых известных музыкантов планеты! Добавьте их в свою коллекцию и ваши композиции будут реально качать и вдохновлять на следующие идеи!!!

Step Ya Game Up Vol. 2 is the 2nd volume of industry bangin drum kits that will Step Ya Game Up. The hard, radio ready drum samples in this collection are perfect for making down south beats, hard ny beats, west coast beats, r&b beats, club bangers and more.

A Total of:
142 Kicks
141 Claps
106 Snares
61 Hats
89 Percussion

100 Bonus Samples


1. 500+ drum sounds in each volume.
2. Kicks, Snares, Claps, Shakers, Percussion, Hats more than 15 Kits in each edition.
3. No wasted time editing samples. Just start making beats.
4. Instant Download in minutes.
5. Crunk Kits, RnB Kits, Producer Kits, Street Kits.
6. Each volume has all the drum sounds you need to make your hit record.
7. Bonus: bass sounds.
8. Best price for the best pro quality industry drum sounds on the internet.
9. All sounds professionally EQ’d and Compressed to cut through in the mix.
10. Your beats will sound better instantly.

500+ Drum Samples + 100 Bonus Samples More than 16 unique kits including South Crunk Kits, RNB Kits, Club Kits, Neptunes, Jus Blaze Kit And more…
Wav. files work with: FL Studio, Logic, Reason, Sonar, Akai MPC, Cubase and Protools.
Размер файла:: 124.53 Mb

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Loopmasters Trafik Progressive House & Electronica

Loopmasters Trafik Progressive House & Electronica: Progressive Loops, Samples House Breaks, Minimal Sounds and Atmospheric Dance Samples from Trafik.
You will find what you need with this new Sample DVD from the Loopmasters "Artist Series".

If your music moves between House, Breaks, Minimal Sounds and more atmospheric electronic Dance music then check out this inspirational collection of samples from one of the best progressive dance acts of our time. Trafik have included some of their best sounds and samples in this Loopmasters Artist Series release.
Trafik: Progressive House & Electronica Contents

* 120 House Drum Hits
* 64 Progressive Drumloops
* 61 Progressive FX
* 54 Percussion Samples
* 50 Synth Patches
* 40 Bass Sounds
* 36 Atmospheric Pads
* 35 Basslines
* 27 Inspirational Music Loops
* 19 Hits
* 16 Lead Sounds
* 16 Piano Samples

About Trafik
Trafik (Andrew Archer & John Elliott) are signed to the world famous dance music label, Global Underground, and they have just put the finishing touches to "Club Trafikana" which is their second studio album. They have worked hard to bring you this inspiring collection of Progressive samples, beats, loops and samples
Размер файла:: 483.02 Mb

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Smash Up - The Studio Evolving Elements House

Capture the essence of the true underground with Evolving Elements: House, the latest release from Smash Up The Studio.
Professionally recorded in our state of the art studio by top engineers using a selection of some of the best analogue and digital synthesizers around.

Fresh, exciting sounds of the underground. 333MB of "feel good" House loops
designed to get the party started!
Wicked drum grooves, crunchy synth licks and fat bass loops, all recorded in 24-Bit audio.
Размер файла:: 333.36 Mb

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Tekniks Urban Inspiration WAV

Tekniks очень горд представить эту массовую Royalty Free коллекцию городских петель и образцов лучших HipHop мелодий!!!

Tekniks is very proud to present this massive royalty free collection of urban loops and samples. Urban inspiration is a inspiring collection of the finest hiphop melodies with not a beat in sight.
Urban Inspiration contains only the hottest vibes to add that West or East Coast flavor to your mix. This collection is perfect for those times when you've laid down the phattest beats but dont know what to lace on top. Packed with head knockin basses, dre'like stabs, crunked up synths and so much more, Urban Inspiration adds that missing flavor to your joint!
Packing over 1.36 gigs of Wav files, 921mb of Appleloops and over 33mb of Rex files, you'll find only the hottest melodies, hits, bass lines, guitar riffs and more within the 50 (That's right) carefully crafted construction kits.
Urban Inspiration is the perfect library for producers looking for sounds that represent the finest in urban music.
Размер файла:: 1.36 Gb

3 архива (letitbit.net)
(letitbit.net) part1
(letitbit.net) part2
(letitbit.net) part3

3 архива (uploadbox.com)
(uploadbox.com) part1
(uploadbox.com) part2
(uploadbox.com) part3

3 архива (depositfiles.com)
(depositfiles.com) part1
(depositfiles.com) part2
(depositfiles.com) part3

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Hardstyle Bomb Midi - HOT COLLECTION

500 MIDI (hardstyle).Here is another midi pack containing a lot of the latest & older hardstyle bangers from artists like:
- the prophet- the pitcher- d-block & s-te-fan- Project one- scope dj- showtek- noisecontrollers- zany- dozer- Brennan Heart- Donkeyrollers- frontliner.- technoboy- luna- Etc etc.
some of the tracks are:Guardian angel,Black Stripez,Spacer,Crump,Rage,Reverse,Rock hypnotic,Hold us back, etc etc.

2 Best Enemies - Les Drums.mid
2 Best Enemies - Phases (TBY Romantic Mix).mid
abject - feel so good.mid
Abyss & Judge - Rapture [The Jakkhammer].mid
Activator - Crap Out.mid
Activator & Zatox - Get Drunk (Freemind remake).mid
Activator & Zatox - Freedom.mid
Activator__Zatox_-_Dont_Stop_(Original_mix)__Effers_20080401212244.m id
AJP_-_Smiling_Faces_(Mike_Nero_Remix)__Skez_20070807124 814.mid
Alpha Twins - Fragments.mid
Alpha_Twins_-_The_Path_To_The_Darkside__Muller_20070310162311.m id
a-lusion - perfect it chii.mid
A-lusion & Scope DJ - Between Worlds [1] [The Jakkhammer].mid
A-lusion & Scope DJ - Between Worlds [2] [The Jakkhammer].mid
A-Lusion & Scope Dj - Reaching out.mid
A-lusion meets Scope dj - Reachin Out.mid
Art Of Fighters - Artwork by Reverb.mid
Bass Modulators - Damage Control.mid
Black Identity - Blckr Thn Blck (Not Perfect).mid
Black_Identity_-_Blckr_Thn_Blck_(The_Prophet_vs._JDX_Remix)__Thoma s_...
Black_Identity_-_Blckr_Thn_Blck_(The_Prophet_vs._JDX_Remix)__traxx boy...
Blademasterz - Hard 2 Handle.mid
Blademasterz - In The End.mid
Blow Your Mindzany remix.mid
Blutonium Boy - Ebeat (DJ Neo Hardstyle Mix) - Housensation.mid
Brainkicker vs. Bass Modulators - Ring That Shit.mid
brennan heart - get wasted (zleipt).mid
Brennan hearth - revival x (Freemind remake).mid
Builder - Her Voice ( Headhunterz Remix) [The Jakkhammer].mid
Builder - My Life is Just a Demo.mid
bulldozer_project_-_arise_(beholder_meets_zany_rmx)__dj_asa_200804241 ...
Chaps & Rolay - Family Affairs (Glowiej Remix).mid
Chickz On Fire - Aanstekaah.mid
Coone - Unite (Ft. Mr Eyez).mid
Coone - Words from the gang (fixed notes).mid
Coone_-_The_Chosen_One_(Brennan_Heart_Remix)__Muller_2007 0310163...
Crypsis & Sasha F - Get Hit [Midi].mid
Cue-x - Hosselaar.mid
Da Tweekaz - Angeli Domini.mid
Da Tweekaz - Crowsong.mid
Da Tweekaz - The Past.mid
Dancecore II.mid
Dark Oscillators - Nero (Original Mix) Muller.mid
Dark Oscillators - Trapped - Housensation.mid
Dark-E_-_Gods__Symbols_(Noisecontrollers_Remix)__DJ_Crixus _200803012...
Davide Sonar - Natural - Housensation.mid
Davide Sonar - Natural [The Jakkhammer].mid
D-Block Steffan - Freak on it.mid
D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Bad People.mid
D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Kingdom.mid
D-block & S-Te-Fan - Music made addict (Freemind remake).mid
D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Part Of The Hard Muller.mid
D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Shallow planet.mid
D-Block & S-Te-Fan - We Be Kickin Bass Muller.mid
D-block & S-te-fan - W'll be kicking bass (Freemind remake).mid
D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Your Life.mid
d-block & s-te-fan vs josh & wesz - wilderness.mid
D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Shallow planet.mid
D-Block & S-Te-Fan - We Be Kickin Bass Muller.mid
D-block & S-te-fan - W'll be kicking bass (Freemind remake).mid
D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Your Life.mid
d-block & s-te-fan vs josh & wesz - wilderness.mid
DBSTF - Shallow Planet.mid
DBSTF-Evolutionz (by Nackhe).mid
Department H - Most Wanted.mid
dj luna1.mid
DJ Phil TY - Miami Belch - Housensation.mid
DJ Zany - Pillz.mid
Dj_Duro_-_Phenomenom_(Showtek_Remix)__Skez_20070807123832.m id
DJ_Isaac_-_Backstage_(Showtek_Remix)__WilliWolfs_20080220230 331.mid
Dom lomp en Famous (J&W remix) (Freemind remake).mid
Donkey Rollers - Metro.mid
Double U and J - Dom, Lomp en Famous (Josh And Wesz Remix) GOOD VERSI...
Dozer - Firebird.mid
Dozer - Hawk1.mid
Dozer - Hawk2.mid
Dozer_-_Church_of_the_darkside___Pululu_20080312182118.mi d
D'void & Sasha F - Blast That Shit.mid
Equal Mindz - Together As One.mid
freemind_-_drop_the_bomb_(marios_bonus_level_3)__buzzit_2008 1005162...
Frontliner - Spacer -mindkicker.mid
Frontliner - Warphole.mid
Generator - Coming Future (End of Days Hardstyle Remix 2008).mid
Gostosa - Never Say Never Midi By D-Vine.mid
Hard'Onez - Better Dayz Hardstyle Mafia Remix made by Rev.mid
Hard'Onez - Got To Be Strong Hard'Onez Remix By Reverb.mid
hardstyle maffia - dust 2 dust (zleipt).mid
Hardstyle Mafia - Rocking da Place (remix) (Freemind remake).mid
Hardstyle Mafia & Sasha F - Heaven Above.mid
Hardstyle Masterz & Max Enforcer - The Stage Is Our Home ( Max Enforcer R...
Hardstyle_Mafia_-_X_Marks_The_Spot__CybernetiksCore_20080825100517. ..
Headhunterz - A New Day [The Jakkhammer].mid
Headhunterz - Blame It On The Music Muller.mid
Headhunterz - Fear Of Darkness [The Jakkhammer].mid
Headhunterz - Just Say My Name - Housensation.mid
Headhunterz - Last Of The Mohicanz producefactory.mid
Headhunterz - Megasound.mid
Headhunterz - Muzical Revolution.mid
Headhunterz - sacrifice (zleipt).mid
Headhunterz - scrap attack..mid
Headhunterz - Subsonic Muller.mid
headhunterz - the power of the mind (zleipt).mid
Headhunterz & Wildstylez vs Noisecontrollers - Tonight.mid
Headhunterz vs Wildstylez - Blame it on the music (Freemind .mid
Headhunterz vs Wildstylez - Project 1 (Freemind remake).mid
Headhunterz_-_My_Way_Brennan_Heart_Rmx__jumpboy1991_2008081616. ..
Headhunterz_-_The_Power_Of_The_Mind__Dj_Crixus_20071213154319.m id
Hyperdrive - The Punishment.mid

Размер файла:: 7.07 Mb

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Novaloops J's Blueprint Theory Vol 1

Trying to get in that NY State of Mind? Nova Loops brings you one of the most anticipated loop sets of the year, J's Blueprint Theory Vol 1. This set features 15 East Coast style construction loop sets in the style of the Jigga man himself. J's Blueprint Theory Vol 1 kicks off the first in our Celebrity Series of products coming to you very soon. Produced by Baltimore legend Fusion who's credits include Musiq Soulchild (DeserveUMore), G-Unit (Betta Ask Somebody) Skillz “Ghostwriter” and “1,2 Theory” (Rawkus) Truth E No La, El Da Sensi, Jowell Ortiand, including Dj'ing for Musiq Soulchild, Talib Kweli, The Roots, Jean Grae and many more. 423 total Acid, Apple and Rex loops to load into your favorite DAW such as Fruity Loops, Garageband, FL Studio and Reason or any sampler that accepts WAV files. Full of hard hitting grimy drums and dirty samples this set gives you a good variety of J's various styles from over the years. Download this hot hip hop loop set from Nova Loops today. All Nova Loops sounds and samples are Royalty Free.
Nova Loops....The Formula For Making Hits!
Размер файла:: 1.57 Gb

3 архива (letitbit.net)
(letitbit.net) part1
(letitbit.net) part2
(letitbit.net) part3

3 архива (uploadbox.com)
(uploadbox.com) part1
(uploadbox.com) part2
(uploadbox.com) part3

3 архива (depositfiles.com)
(depositfiles.com) part1
(depositfiles.com) part2
(depositfiles.com) part3

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Ueberschall - DnB Resonance WAV

Brand new from Germany's Ueberschall, Drum'n'Bass Resonance is the ultimate in construction kits. Your house is going to quake. This CD contains really cool and tricky drum loops, intense sub-basses and much more. The loops are broken down with the complete mix, then the drum loop, then all of the individual sounds and sub-basses. This CD is just waiting to be loaded...
Размер файла:: 743.72 Mb

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Wanna make hip hop beats hot as the streets of Miami? Miami Cartels Maybach Edition is what you're looking for them. Featuring 22 multi-track construction loop sets totaling 549 WAV, APPLE, and REX Loops. Use in Fruity Loops, FL Studio, Garageband, Reason or any sampler that accepts WAV files. Mix and match loops to create thousands of new ideas. In the styles of Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, and The Runners this set delivers big synths, rapid snare drum rolls, hood melodies, and so much more! Download this hot dirty south loop set from Nova Loops today. All Nova Loops sounds and samples are Royalty Free. The best sounds, the best prices, that's Nova baby.
Nova Loops....The Formula For Making Hits!
Размер файла:: 1.52 Gb

3 архива (letitbit.net)
(letitbit.net) part1
(letitbit.net) part2
(letitbit.net) part3

3 архива (uploadbox.com)
(uploadbox.com) part1
(uploadbox.com) part2
(uploadbox.com) part3

3 архива (depositfiles.com)
(depositfiles.com) part1
(depositfiles.com) part2
(depositfiles.com) part3

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I love 90`s Acapellas

Сборник состоит из 30 акапелл самых популярных музыкантов 90 годов!!!

Tracklist :

01. 20_Fingers_Short_Dick_Man_(acapella)
02. Afrika Bambaata – Just get up (acapella)
03. Afrika bambaataa-funky heroes
04. Billie Ray Martin – Your Loving Arms (Acapella)
05. Corona – magic touch
06. Corona – Rhythm Of The Night
07. Crystal_Waters_Gypsy_Woman_(Acapella)
08. Daft Punk – Around The World (Acapella)
09. Depeche mode – Enjoy the silence acapella
10. Eric b & rakim – i know you got soul (acapella)
11. GEORGE MICHAEL – Monkey (Acapella version)
12. Ghetto superstar (accapella)
13. Ice mc – think about the way (acappella)
14. Jack_to_the_sound_of_the_underground
15. Jamiroquai-deeper_underground
16. Janet jackson -miss you much accapella
17. KLF-3_am_eternal
18. Madonna – Frozen
19. Madonna – Like A Prayer (Church Acapella Mix)
20. MC Sar & The Real McCoy – Pump Up The Jam Rap (Acapella)
21. Nas feat lauryn hill – if i ruled the world (acapella)
22. Robin s – show me love
23. Rozalla – Everybody’s Free
24. Snap_the_power_(diy_acapella)
25. Technotronic Feat Ya Kid K-Get Up
26. Technotronic-Pump.Up.The.Jam.
27. Ultra Nat&#233; – Free (Acapella)
28. Vanilla ice-ice ice baby (acapella)
29. Vanilla Ice-Play That Funky Music
30. Baby one more time acapella

Размер файла:: 109.75 Mb

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Wave Alchemy SFX Collection v1 MultiFormat

Образцы звуковых эффектов !

Wave Alchemys award-winning sample library - SFX Collection 01 offers over 1.5GB of 24-bit 100% royalty free sound effects samples created using the very finest of vintage and new age electronic equipment.

A must have for every dance music producer - Chris Lake

All of the samples in SFX Collection 01 have been crafted from the ground up with many being enhanced by classic studio effects processors. The sheer volume, quality and diversity of sound effects included make this library an essential addition to any producers sound arsenal.
Размер: 1.54 Gb

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(letitbit.net) part1
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3 архива (depositfiles.com)
(depositfiles.com) part1
(depositfiles.com) part2
(depositfiles.com) part1

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VipZone - Roxx The Club Vol.2 MIDI MP3

Presenting new DJ Roxx 50 Club Melodies pack - Roxx The Club vol. 2 (50 midifiles + 500 mp3 files) !
The new Club Melodies pack contains 50 HANDS-UP / DANCEFLOOR midfiles + 500 new quality 320 kb/s mp3. This is the essential of club-dance of the last years in the new formula. All midifiles contain fast arpeggiated riffs and also added basslines for harmony (2 midi tracks in a file) and also each melody is played on 10 different instruments (some of them you may hear in a demo) which gives almost unlimited mixing possibilities. 500 mp3 files altogether for mixing gives 280 MB of sounds recorded using mostly top hardware synths - no VST plugins!
Размер файла:: 364.31 Mb

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